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Pronouns! [26 January 2011]

"What the meaning of PRONOUNS? I never heard about these but please , don't blame me k haha"

Now , I want to share about PRONOUNS. Before this , have you heard about PRONOUNS ?! Let's me start with the 'Definition Of Pronouns'. Let's check it out!

Definition Of Pronouns
Alright.....If you don't know what the meaning of pronouns , don't worry , I can tell you about that. I was create a simple definition of pronouns. You can use it and maybe , you can remember until your final examination and of course you can answer all those question easier haha [Nonsense] OK. Let's start now.

Pronouns always take the place of NOUNS and we can instead NOUNS with a PRONOUNS. I , You , We , They , Him , She and another else are example for PRONOUNS. PRONOUNS are very important for us. If we doesn't use any pronouns , we always repeat the same word in a one sentences. OK. Let's look for these sentences :

Mary is very beautiful. Mary always change a lot of boyfriend every week. I don't like Mary!

You all see of this sentences? It is used the same word of Mary. We can take the place Mary to the Pronouns word.

Mary is very beautiful. She always change a lot of boyfriends every week. 
I don't like her!

See?? It's looks more better right?? Looks simplier and shorter =)

Now, we go to the next topic of PRONOUNS. 'The Type Of Pronouns'

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