Monday, February 7, 2011

I Love acting!

Hye everyone!

Both of them cute right?! 

I always look my favourite actress acting in their drama such as Lisa Surihani, Adik Mia and....[who the other actress? I forgot his name. Ouuh! So embrassing.] They looks so cute as a baby doll in Drama Adam Maya especially Adik Mia hehe BUT one day on 25th January 2011 we must act with a different ways as usual. We must choose one or a lot of P.Ramlee story such as DO RE MI, Bujang Lapok and so on. The dialog must change into an english language. Ouuuh! I cannot amagine about it.

In my team, five person [Mazni, Intan, Syamimi, Mastura and Me] were choose Seniman Bujang Lapok and Tiga Abdul. 

In scene of Seniman Bujang Lapok

>> Me as P.Ramlee  
>> Mastura as Ajis
>> Syamimi as a model 1
>> Intan as a Director and...
>> Mazni as a model 2.

In scene of Tiga Abdul

>> Me as Rafidah
>> Mazni as Abdul Wahub
>> Syamimi as Ghasidah
>> Intan as Sadiq Segaraga
>> Mastura as Personal Assistant.

At the end of presentation Miss Zue want to announce who the best actress for boy and girl student.

>> Mastura the best actress for girl student
>> Aziz the best actress for boy student.

By the way, she also announced the best team in acting. The winner is MY TEAM! Team number 5! Ouuuh! I don't believe it. Actually, we were enjoy and I always love for this moment ever after :)

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