Tuesday, February 1, 2011

::On The First Day Of My BEL Class: Part 1::

Hye everyone!

Today I want to share about grammar that I have learned before holiday. Oppps! I'm sorry Miss Zue [my BEL lecturer]. I wrote this post very late. Actually , I must update a new post every week especially after my BEL class. But I'm not ready yet to write everything in this blog because I must write in English language. Tonight, I must do my work and finish it perfectly! Wow! Unbelievable haha.

On The First Day Of My BEL Class
Alright! On the first day of my BEL class, we must do some presentation about 'ourselves' BUT this presentation are very different as usual. We must choose one another person as a partner and introduce all about her/him. After that, he/she introduce about myself to our friends and do the same thing. 

Ok. My special partner is Hafidz Shahril or we can call him Hafidz/ 'Panjang' [Because he is the tallest student in our class] Errr...wait a minute! Actually, I'm not really remember the other point about him haha [Hafidz, I'm so sorry abaout that huhu] BUT I just remember about these :

Hobby >> read some comic books.
Favourite food >> Nasi Daging Merah [What is that?] and love carbonate water.
His dreamer >> He wants to open computer shop. [I guees]

I think that's all. Before that! I want to show my lovely partner. 


He is cute right?! [I have stolen your picture on facebook hehe]

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